Volunteering with CCI

Medical Team Volunteers
Volunteers that are part of our medical care teams travel to Vesnova Children’s Mental Institution which is home to 170 children with various forms of physical and mental disabilities. Vesnova is located in the Mogilev Region of Belarus. Volunteers assist in providing nursing and general care to the children of Vesnova Mental Institution, they also exchange experience and assist the Belarusian nursing team with the development and enhancing of their skills.

Teams to travel on a monthly basis to the institution for up to 10 days maximum.

Qualifications needed:

We in CCI are always looking to recruit volunteers with Nursing/doctors/childcare/teachers/physio/psychiatric qualifications but we welcome applications to volunteer from all backgrounds. Each candidature is subject to the CCI approval and clearance procedures.


If you’d like to know more about volunteering with CCI please contact us via the form below:

CCI are committed to equality, diversity and non-discrimination for our volunteers and recruit our volunteers in accordance with this.


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