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Note: For all non-US donations please transfer donations to the Irish Head Office Account, details as follows:

Bank: Permanent TSB

Address: Patrick’s Street, Cork, Ireland

Account Name: Chernobyl Children’s Project Ltd

Account Number: 36410021

Sort Code: 99 07 01

Swift Code: IPBSIE2D

IBAN: IE 92 IPBS 9907 0136 410021



Chernobyl Children International

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Chernobyl Children International

Northport Financial Centre

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NY 11768 USA

Donation Gifts

If a particular programme is oversubscribed CCI will allocate your donation to where it is needed most.

Gift of Life

By giving a gift of €250, you can help Chernobyl children receive life-skills training that gives them hope of a much brighter future. Specifically, the training equips young people with skills that increase their employment opportunities and independence, so they can escape their institutions and live in the community.

€ 250.00
Christmas Miracles

Just €50 can provide Chernobyl children locked away in institutions with life-saving medicines, nutritious food and toys for Christmas. This really is a special gift that can make a huge difference to children and young people living in confinement, and bring joy where so often there is none.



€ 50.00
Sponsor a Child

Born with serious heart defects, many Chernobyl children will die before their sixth birthday if they don’t undergo life-saving surgery. But by donating only €100 this Christmas, you can give the gift of life and mend their broken hearts forever.


€ 100.00
Frontline Heroes

Many children abandoned in institutions require specialist medical care to stay alive.By sponsoring a nurse this Christmas for €150, you can help fragile Chernobyl children receive the vital care they urgently need to stay safe from life-threatening illnesses like the Coronavirus.

€ 150.00
Homes of Hope

An extraordinary gift of hope can give a child the greatest gift of all this Christmas – the chance to escape the horror of institutional living. Your support has helped over 300 children to be taken out of orphanages and to be placed in loving foster homes as part of the innovative ‘Homes of Hope’ Programme to date. This is the equivalent of closing down two orphanages!

€ 1000.00
DVDs & Books

adi roche chernobyl Heart
Chernobyl Heart, Adi Roche

On 26 April 1986, Reactor No 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear processing plant exploded, releasing radiation 90 to 150 times greater than that released by […]

€ 20.00
chernobyl legacy-dvd
Chernobyl Legacy, Paul Fusco

On April 26, 1986, at 1:23 a.m., the world’s worst nuclear accident occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in Ukraine. The explosion, described by […]

€ 20.00
My Great Sporting Memories

A book of My Great Sporting Memories – from Local Club to Olympic Games, written by 72 of Ireland’s best-known sportspersons and sports journalists. The […]

€ 10.00
Black Wind, White Land

Researched and produced by the founders of the Chernobyl Children’s Project, this documentary explores the tragic impact of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion on the people […]

€ 10.00
Return To Chernobyl

While trying to get footage of the old Nuclear reactor, Duncan had a near-fatal accident himself. Doctors from the region performed life-saving emergency surgery on […]

€ 15.00