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Uncategorized: 2 Nov 2017

The ‘Carne Group Home of Hope’ is officially open!

2 Nov 2017

The rain certainly didn’t dampen any spirits in Glusk, Belarus today as our Voluntary CEO Adi Roche was on hand to officially open the Carne Group Home of Hope, which is home to the Krasilnikovy family.

Our ‘Homes of Hope’ Programme provides the alternative to state institutions for abandoned children through foster-style home.   Through this programme, CCI have saved over 300 children from languishing in state-run institutions – the equivalent of closing two orphanages.  After 15 years of fostering, CCI gifts the home to the family so that children have continuity and a place to come back to as they leave for school and start families of their own.

The Krasilnikovy family is home to 9 foster children who were previous at-risk of or already languishing in an institution. However, thanks to the intervention of CCI and the incredible generosity of the Carne Group, through our Westport Outreach Group, these children now have a safe, loving home under the watchful eye of foster parents Oksana and Rusten.

Thank you to the Carne Group and our Westport Outreach Group for giving these children a loving home and the greatest gift of all…a future of hope!