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News: 20 Dec 2022

CCI fund supporting families to ‘winterise’ their homes to survive the harsh winter

20 Dec 2022

In the early hours of 05 December 2022, a deafening crash tore through the home of social-worker Anastasiya and her family in Olyva, Ukraine…just 75kms from Chernobyl. A bomb had crashed through the roof of her two son’s bedroom, blowing a hole in the side of her home. The damage was devastating and rendered the home unliveable.

It had already been a devastating year, with her husband losing his job and dwindling supplies of food, water and medical equipment, all as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. They had already been living with just candlelight for heat. Thankfully, Anastasyia and her family had heard the sirens warning of incoming missiles and had fled to the nearest bomb-shelter, which meant her family remained safe and well…for now.

Anastasyia now feared that besides the bombs, bullets and environmental impact of Chernobyl, the harsh winter could kill her family.

Upon hearing news of Anastasyia and her family’s devastation, CCI have promised to fund the rebuilding of her home and heating systems to help ensure that her family have the opportunity to survive the harsh winter in Ukraine but also that Anastasyia can resume her vital social work. For just €1,500 CCI were able to provide a life-line to a young family of four, who have been braving incomparable devastation.