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My Legacy Week 18

News: 24 Oct 2018

CCI pay tribute to ‘extra special’ gifts that leave a lasting legacy of hope

24 Oct 2018

Ahead of ‘My Legacy Week’, which runs from 29 October, Adi Roche’s Chernobyl Children International (CCI) have spoken out about the powerful impact legacy gifts have had on Chernobyl’s youngest victims.

Life-saving medicines, machinery, emergency surgeries, education programmes and life-long homes have been supported by legacy gifts over the past number of years, which the charity says has been a lifeline during some very difficult financial times.

Voluntary CEO of the Cork-based charity, Adi Roche, has spoken about how legacy gifts have had a major impact on the work of the charity, which was set up as a direct response to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster;

“After the financial crash, CCI were in a precarious situation financially…it was a very scary time. One day, without any notice, a cheque arrived on our doorstep as a Legacy gift.  It was as though this person was looking down on us, giving us the hope to continue on.”

“Of course, with every legacy we must remember that this gift is only coming to us following the loss of a life.  Those gifts are always extra-special to us, and we feel an even greater level of responsibility to honour that person’s memory.  In their name, we strive for the best outcome for Chernobyl’s innocent victims” Roche continued.

Where possible, CCI try to thank the family of the person who has died.   This can be a huge comfort in knowing that their loved one’s memory has such a positive impact.

“It is a great and humbling honour for us to be included in someone’s final will and testament, after they have taken care of their loved ones.  We have received legacy gifts from €20 upwards, and regardless of the amount, we use these special funds in a way to ensure that it has the greatest impact on those we seek to serve”.

Including a charity in your final will and testament is a very simple process and leaves behind a cross-generational legacy of hope.   CCI are members of My Legacy – an umbrella group of 60 charities who together support those interested in leaving a bequest to a charity of their choice.

In the build up to their annual awareness raising week, My Legacy say; “When you’re making your will, you will naturally look after your family and loved ones first. Once all other personal decisions have been made, you might want to acknowledge a cause you feel strongly about. This thoughtful support will have an impact in the future.”

My Legacy Week runs from 29 October until 04 November.  You can learn more about leaving a tax-free gift to charity and find a local solicitor for My Legacy Week online at