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News: 22 Oct 2021

Congratulations to Dr Tanya Malachenko

22 Oct 2021

A huge congratulations to Tanya Malachenko, who has recently graduated as a doctor!

Tanya travelled to CCI’s Cork Outreach Group for many years as a child for Rest and Recuperation. Helen and Donal Murray welcomed Tanya to their home through the years and provided the help and support Tanya needed to overcome the medical issues that she suffered with as a child. As well as the Murray’s, many other members of the Cork Outreach Group, in particular Alfie and Marcie Streete, played a huge part in supporting Tanya through the years.



This is a huge achievement for Tanya, as she faced many obstacles and challenges but Tanya’s dedication to her studies never wavered. Everyone here at CCI couldn’t be prouder!

Since graduating, Tanya has secured a job in a paediatric hospital in Gomel and is loving her new role as Dr Malachenko. Well done Tanya! 👏