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News: 31 May 2022

Costs to Make Chernobyl Plant Safe Estimated at 100 Million+

31 May 2022

CCI backs the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) call on international donors to help repair the damage to Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.  Russia’s military occupation of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant has put the site’s safety at huge risk. The EBRD states that the damage caused by Russian soldiers will cost at least €100 million to repair. Some of the repairs needed include monitoring and access control equipment, repair of bridges and roads, and replacement of damaged and looted IT equipment.

During the Russian invasion of the plant, there was huge disturbance to top soil and infrastructure in the exclusion zone.   Disturbance of radioactive material is lethal, as it re-releases radioactivity into the atmosphere. Scientists have discovered an alarming rise in radiation following the military activity in Chernobyl, noting soaring levels of radioactive long-lived radionuclides (Caesium-137, Strontium-90, Americium-241) on the bodies and clothing of children and adults in highly populated areas, in particular, Ivankiv, in the Chernobyl region.

The area around Chernobyl, namely the Red Forest, is still the most nuclear contaminated area on the planet, with most of the radioactive particles present on the soil.

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 and the takeover of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant signified that the nature of modern warfare has changed forever, as up until this point, nuclear facilities were completely ‘off-limits’.  This cavalier act was akin to making a nuclear threat without making a nuclear threat.

Speaking on the topic, voluntary CEO of CCI, Adi Roche said “CCI has feared and sadly predicted the re-release of radioactivity since the beginning of the war.  We witnessed the changing nature of modern warfare where NOTHING was ‘off limits’ but EVERYTHING is ‘up for grabs’.  While we welcomed the Russian troops withdrawal from the Chernobyl area, we quickly learned not just about the re-released radioactivity but also that the Russian soldiers heavily MINED and TRIP-WIRED the entire region…the area will be a serious challenge to de-mine and if a mine explodes it will spew the dangerous radiation back up into the atmosphere.  CCI are extremely concerned over the exorbitant costs and financial aid that will be required by Ukraine to repair the crippling damage to the Nuclear Plant and surrounding area.  We are calling on the international community to support Ukraine in their hour of need regarding making the Chernobyl plant safe again.”

CCI is urging that any further attack or takeover on a nuclear facility in Ukraine by a commander/executive in the field be declared a war crime, with maximum penalties, and we urge that all nuclear facilities be deemed a ‘No War Zone’.