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News: 17 Apr 2020

Frontline Heroes: Caitlin Moyne

17 Apr 2020

We at Chernobyl Children International have great repect and admiration for those working on the frontline at this trying time and would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of CCI volunteers who are working on the frontline at the moment and would like to honour our Frontline Heroes.

This week’s Frontline Hero


This week, our Frontline Heroes series focuses on Caitlin Moyne who volunteers with us at CCI. Caitlin is a social care worker who works in a residential home for children aged between 10 and 17 who have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, mental health issues and/or challenging behaviour. The pandemic is especially hard for these children who need to have structure and routine to make it through the day.

Frontline Heroes

Caitlin at work on the Frontline

Caitlin describes how she and her colleagues are coping during the Pandemic to ensure that the high depency kids in their care are safe and secure throughout these difficult days.

“At work we are trying to go day by day as normal as possible but this pandemic has been extremely tough on our service users, many are aware what is going on in the world and are worried for themselves and their families. Due to the lockdown their routines are up in the air. They haven’t been able to see their families, attend school or go on social outings. We are trying to develop new routines based around staying at home, which cover their education and fitness needs, and most importantly are fun!

I work with a fantastic team and each of us is doing our best to lift the spirits of our service users and each other when we come on shift. We are also working hard on trying to prevent Covid-19 from entering our workplace in order to keep the children in our care safe.

It is our job to keep these children safe and content until we return to normal life. It may not be much on the grand scale of things but it means everything to our service users and their families.”

We would like to thank Caitlin and her colleagues for their remarkable bravery and courage at this challenging time. Their determination and kindness are admirable during a period where few people are so selfess with their time, energy and resources. Thanks to you all for your contribution and for playing your part in helping #TeamIreland during Covid 19.