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Uncategorized: 12 Jun 2018

Making strides for freedom in Belarus

12 Jun 2018

An inter-agency meeting, led by Chernobyl Children International (CCI) and the Mogilev Dept. of Social Protection, was held last week in Belarus with an aim to further develop a co-ordinated strategy for de-institutionalisation in region.  The meeting was also attended by Directors of state-run institutions.  Together, this group have formed an Oversight Committee, underpinned by a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with an aim to developing ground-breaking alternatives to institutional care for vulnerable children and young adults. The strong partnership between all agencies, guided by objectives within the MOU, is ensuring the best results for all participants, which the possibility for futures filled with hope and opportunity.

Over the past year, CCI and the Oversight Committee have achieved historic results, including the development of education focused Restoration of Rights Programme and Life Skills Home in Vesnova Children’s Institution.     A key objective of these programmes, and ongoing development of further programmes, is gaining access to rights to independence and fostering community integration amongst participants.

An upcoming major development will see an unprecedented level of support of community integration for vulnerable children and young adults, which will break the cycle of institutionalisation within the region.