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News: 26 Jan 2021

New Life-Saving Equipment Secured for Vesnova

26 Jan 2021

CCI are delighted to let you know that we have purchased a desperately needed new suction machine for Vesnova Children’s Institution.

A suction machine is a vital tool in Vesnova, with many residents relying on this machine daily. The machine is essential for residents with respiratory difficulties and is used to ensure proper breathing, which prevents chest infections, pneumonia, and possible death.

While this is a simple and relatively inexpensive piece of equipment, it is LIFE-SAVING for the children who rely on it each day.

A new suction machine was urgently needed by the staff in Vesnova, as the machine they had been using was several years old, and even though it had been repaired numerous times, it was on the verge of completely breaking which would have led to serious consequences for residents depending on this machine. Nurses working in the unit reported that it was difficult to turn on the machine and it was extremely challenging to use.

Two residents in particular, Maxim and Ivan, rely on the suction machine daily and would get severely ill with pneumonia if they did not have access to it.


New machine ready for use in Vesnova

New machine ready for use in Vesnova

Following CCI’s successful Christmas Appeal, our generous supporters have enabled us to fund a brand-new machine! This life-saving piece of equipment is much easier and safer to use for the nurses and ensures that residents with respiratory issues do not suffer unnecessarily. We are so grateful for the continued support we receive, allowing us to ensure that the Children of Chernobyl are looked after and receive the critical care they need.  Thank you!