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At just 11 years old, Inga has had a very difficult childhood

News: 28 Nov 2018

No child should be raised in a bleak, uncaring institution.

28 Nov 2018

From a young age Inga and her three little siblings were abused and neglected by their  parents. After years of physical, psychological torment and starvation, Inga and her siblings were eventually abandoned to a bleak institution.  Destined to be incarcerated and segregated for the remainder of their lives.

Sadly, Inga’s story is frighteningly common…

The societal breakdown that happened as a result of the fallout from Chernobyl meant that there was, and continues to be, a huge increase in children being abandoned in institutions.

You see, the Chernobyl disaster is not something that just happened 32 years ago…it is something that is still happening.  Every Day.  Children like Inga have unwillingly become ‘Grandchildren of Chernobyl’…the third generation whose lives have been torn apart by the disaster of 1986.

Thanks to incredible Irish generosity, Inga and her younger siblings will celebrate Christmas together with their loving foster family…in a ‘Home of Hope’! 

This programme has already saved over 300 children from a life incarcerated and segregated in institutions…this is the equivalent of shutting down two orphanages forever.

*|FNAME|*, this Christmas you can give the most powerful gift of all…lifting a vulnerable child out of institutions and offering them a future of HOPE! 

I cannot think of a more extraordinary gift to give a child this Christmas season, than the gift of life.

Click here to donate to CCI’s life-saving and hope-filled programmes.

Irish people have always kept such a special place in their hearts for the children of Chernobyl. Please remember them again this Christmas.

May God bless you and your family this Christmas Season.

There is hope…it’s you!