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News: 27 Nov 2020

Psychological and Medical Training for Palliative Care

27 Nov 2020

A big congratulations to CCI’s nurses in CCI’s Flagship Children’s Institution, Vesnova, for completing a recent training course in Psychological and Medical support for Palliative Care.  This course, organised by the Belarussian State Medical Postgraduate Academy, taught participants about the palliative and psychological care of patients.

The course covered many areas of best practices for specific individuals care needs, through educational classes and hospital visits, with a final exam at the end of the course.  All of CCI’s nurses passed the course with flying colours and we couldn’t be prouder!

This course was of huge benefits to the nurses, who now have an overall greater understanding of the residents’ needs and can implement what they’ve learnt, resulting in improved specialised care to palliative the children in Vesnova.

We believe it’s imperative that CCI staff upskill as often as possible to ensure the best care possible is provided to all the children residing in Vesnova.  Well done to all the nurses involved!