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Sasha Senkevich and Adi Roche

News: 25 Nov 2016

Sasha Senkevich is now recovering at home following his life-saving surgery

25 Nov 2016

On October 25th, CCI appealed for help on behalf of Sasha Senkevich who is on our Community Care Programme and suffers from Fahr’s disease.

Sasha, 18, lived in pain everyday due to uncontrollable spasms. Sasha urgently needed a neuro-transmitter, which would not only control his spasms but also save his life. Without this surgery, Sasha would have little chance of survival and the remainder of his life would be in uncontrollable pain.

Sasha Senkevich

Thanks to the generosity of the Irish people, Sasha was recently able to undergo this life-saving surgery in Moscow. Since his surgery, Sasha has returned home and is now preparing for physiotherapy and massage therapy once he is strong enough. These therapies will aid Sasha in living a pain-free life, but also help him regain his speech and ability to walk, which his condition had stolen from him.

On her recent visit to Ukraine and Belarus, CCI’s voluntary CEO, Adi Roche, visited Sasha and his family. Speaking about Sasha, Adi said;
” I am so relieved to visit Sasha and to see how well he is recovering. He has a fighter’s spirit, which he definitely inherited from his grandmother who advocated for Sasha when he needed it most. Sasha has a long road to recovery, however he would have never had a chance of recovery if it wasn’t for this surgery”