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News: 25 Jul 2019

Special Appeal: Masha needs your help to secure her freedom and future

25 Jul 2019

Masha (18) has spent her entire life segregated from the community in a children’s mental asylum.  Now that Masha has reached the age of 18, she is due to be transferred to an adult mental asylum for the remainder of her life.

However, thanks to CCI’s Life Skills Home in which Masha has been living and learning for the past 2 years, she has the potential to have a free independent life outside on an institution.

But Masha needs your help!

CCI have secured a place on a national training programme that will give her the chance to secure future employment and freedom from a life of institutions.

The course costs €1,100 in total and it is Masha’s key to freedom and a future of hope.

CCI are asking for support in raising this €1,100 so that Masha’s future can be one of brightness and happiness.

To donate to this special appeal for Masha, please follow the link below;

Thank you!