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Arseniy Vaschilo and his loving mother, Katya

News: 20 Mar 2019

“Without CCI’s nurses, I could not keep my head above water”

20 Mar 2019

“Without CCI’s nurses, I could not keep my head above water” – Katya

Four-year-old Arseniy has profound brain damage from a tumour, as well as severely impaired hearing and mobility issues.  His mother, Katya, was abandoned at birth and has advanced scoliosis, though was rescued by her grandmother (80) whom she now also cares for.

Their family is part of CCI’s Hospice and Community Care Programme, which supports families who have children with special needs and life-limiting illnesses to keep them in the loving care of their family homes, instead of institutions or orphanages.

Two weeks ago, young Arseniy underwent a surgery which will enable him to learn how to sit without support and walk for the very first time.  Arseniy will soon begin intensive massage and physiotherapy with CCI’s multi-disciplinary team, which will further support his recovery and give him a dramatically improved quality of life.

None of the support we provide Arseniy’s family with would be possible without the kindness and generosity of the Irish public.

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